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"Thank you so much for the great ACT! Training. You not only met our needs and wants but created something even better than we expected. Everyone certainly learned a great deal."

- D. Shane Stevens, CEO,
Dental Health Management Solutions, Inc.


"Ayers Technology Corp's innovative approach far exceeded our expectations."

- D.Wood, Data Manager,
Prudential HealthCare


I've used every version of ACT! since MS-DOS version 1 and it has been a great time and contact manager for me. I will admit to trying MS Outlook with Business Contact Manager, which, by the way, destroyed my data in its version 1. ACT! has always been intuitive; it did what I needed it to do. Version 11 is by far the best ACT! version yet and far and away a better product for the small guy like me than anything else on the market...I don't doubt that the big guys feel that way, too.

The integration with MS Outlook is fabulous...I can feel comfortable working in either set of software, knowing that my data will be up-to-date in the other set when I am done. The embedded search engine in ACT! must be really powerful, because it will find a record in Outlook that I can't find directly. Let me say it was a pleasure to test the beta product...I have never had a set of complex software that was this easy to install and performed so well. I tested it with several of my live databases and when I was done they were still whole, although incompatible with my old version.

Recently I just took on a new mission. I would not have considered doing this were it not for ACT!. I am comfortable it will handle the 30,000 individuals, 90 churches and my 200+ volunteers easily, allowing me to keep up with things like our recent Hurricane Dolly.

ACT! has always been user-friendly (except version 5). I thank you for allowing me to be a part of the release of version 11 and I am delighted you have listened so carefully too all of us users in building this software...it is truly a user's dream.

Thanks again,
Robert W. Thompson
Emergency Coordinator


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