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FANtastic Ticket Sales FANtastic Ticket Sales System allows you to:
  • Track every action taken with your customers and prospects.

  • Create a sales and payment history for each account.

  • Improve your sales process.

  • Shorten the time it takes to make sales reps profitable.

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Filling the Stands

All sports organizations have the same goals: winning games and filling the stands with fans. Both goals are accomplished by the same method-picking the right personnel and giving them the tools to beat the competition.

When your goal is selling tickets, nothing works better than selling Season Tickets. Our system, FANtastic!, was developed with the help of several professional sports teams to sell more season tickets and at the same time build long lasting relationships with their customers.

We have made it simple to learn and simple to use so you sales staff can benefit immediately and new sales reps can hit the ground running in the shortest time possible


How does it work?

FANtastic! is a database system centered around five parts: the Account Record; the Ticket Sale (Purchase Record); the Payment Record; Seat Reservation; and Pricing database.

The Account Record
Everything starts with account records. This multi-screen part of the system is where you record everything you want to remember about your clients and prospects (or vendors, booster club members or anyone else you want to keep up with). The system will track every call, meeting, letter, fax, or email and record it in the client's record.

You can record marketing information, multiple addresses, even the names and birthdates of family members so that you have a complete source of information for your marketing campaigns.

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The Ticket Sale - Purchase Record
Making the sale is the name of the game and making the sale easy is the purpose of this system. We have built in easy to use features to make the actual sale as simple as possible-from looking up items for sale, flagging sales tax, printing invoices/purchase orders to reserving seats, each step is just one or two clicks of a button.

One of the best features is that you can track each purchase a client makes over as many seasons as you like so that you get a feel for his buying patterns, the seats he likes, or the merchandise that interests him. By learning the patterns, you can develop directed sales and marketing campaigns which are cheaper to implement than broader campaigns and lower your cost of sales.

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The Payment Record
In the course of selling tickets you will have clients who need a variety of payment plans. Some pay in a single payment, some will need multiple payments. With FANtastic! you can record as many payments as you need. Each payment automatically adjusts the client's balance, so you know at any one time what your current accounts receivable are.

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Reports Available

In addition to the standard reports that come with the software (labels, envelopes, activity reports, calendars, etc.) we have developed several reports with the help of several sports organizations over the years. Here is a list of some of those reports.

  • Season Ticket Invoice Customer Information Sheet

  • Group Invoice Payment Receipt

  • Items/Pricing Report Outstanding Balance Report

  • Sales Analysis Payments Received Report


Other Features

Since FANtastic! is built around the TeleMagic system you get many features that will aid you in sales, marketing and account management. Some of those features are:

  • Automation server for mass letter printing, emailing or faxing

  • Integration with Word for high quality letters that you can print for individuals or groups of records

  • Built-in email and web integration

  • Phone dialing and tracking

  • Drop down listboxes on any field you need standard or often used answers

  • Calendar and Activity management for each user

  • Unlimited number of records

  • Unlimited number of indexes for searching or filters for grouping records

  • Screen designer to change the screens to meet your organization's needs

  • Security down to the field level if needed

  • File attachment to any record so you can keep up with contracts, documents, spreadsheets, etc for each prospect or client.

Everyone's business changes as they move forward. FANtastic! is a full featured system that can grow with your organization and change to meet your needs. In addition to the software, we can provide on-site installation, setup, data conversion and training. We also provide remote access support through the web as well as telephone support on a contract or per-call basis.


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