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Web enable applications of your choosing, right from a browser, right over the Internet.

The Fast, Simple and Affordable Way to Instantly Publish or Web-enable Your Windows, UNIX and Linux Applications.

GO-Global is the ideal server-based computing solution for enterprise environments or ISVs. Utilizing advanced server-based technology and near-zero-footprint clients, GO-Global publishes existing applications without the need to modify a single line of code. And there’s no need for complex, costly solutions such as Citrix MetaFrame or Windows Terminal Services. GO-Global is the instant application publishing and Web-enabling solution that retains 100% of your application’s features, functions and product branding.

Go-Global for Windows is a server-based, thin client solution that eliminates the need for Windows Terminal Services. It's optimized for reliable, secure, scalable application delivery to virtually any network-attached device, regardless of platform or operating system. For maximum performance and ease of deployment and maintenance, Go-Global publishes only your applications, not the entire desktop. With our zero footprint client, only the application interface is delivered over the network and displayed on the remote devices.

"GoGlobal" is for:
Branch Offices Access your local application programs of your choice from a remote office. Allows remote printing and familiar look and feel of LAN applications. Accomodates as many users as you may require.

Remote or Mobile Workers If you need to access a customer's information or other application data while at a customer site, from your hotel room, or other 'on the road' scenarios, then Go-Global is for you.

Work at home employees or staff. Accommodate home workers who want to "fill in", supplement your in-house staff, or just 'catch up' while at home.

Resource Dynamics is a reseller of Go-Global technology. We will be more than happy to demonstrate how it works or to quote you on your company's current needs. Call us for special quantity pricing.

  • Provides instant access to Windows applications from any device or platform, while retaining 100% of the applications features, functions, and branding.

  • Publishes one or more Windows applications, not the entire desktop

  • Run multiple versions of the same application side-by-side.

  • Access local & remote resources such as disk drives, printers, Windows clipboard, etc.

  • Provide simultaneous access to multiple users with individual permissions.

  • Start with one user and add users later on. Licenses are based on concurrent users.

  • Protect your data with secured encryption, something Web applications cannot provide.

  • Demo trial version available.

  • Read detailed information regarding Go-Global technology.

  • No need for any other Web solution when using Go-Global

  • All applications look and operate the same as when run locally on your desktop computer.

  • You can control the applications that specific users can access.

  • Less expensive than MS Windows Terminal Services® (WTS) or Citrix MetaFrame® licensing alternatives. Since applications are run from the Server, software need not be installed on client computers. Client computers may be less powerful and use older Operating Systems-another cost savings offered by Go-Global.

  • Scalable and flexible. Since only one instance of the operating system is loaded on the server, server hardware can handle more users and sessions with less hardware requirements that alternative solutions.

  • Users can access local disk files and printers as a remote user.

  • Secure operation using native Server security & fully encrypted connections.

  • Go-Global installs in minutes and requires minimal support, as opposed to more complex alternatives.

  • Supports multiple client Operating Systems (including Linux, Unix, Macintosh) from the same Server.

  • Eliminates the higher complexity of Citrix support and overcomes low scalability concerns of WTS.

  • Provides high performance over low bandwidth.

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