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TeleMagic Version 5:

  • Built for Networks, ready for Single Users

  • Relational Database Structure

  • Completely Customizable

  • Automation Server

  • Phone, Fax, & Email

  • Extensive array of add-on products. Click here to view the complete list of add-ons.


Major Features:
  • Completely customizable

  • Relational structure allows unlimited development to meet specific needs

  • Unlimited number of records

  • Can set up a search on every field if desired

  • Unlimited number of groups or filters

  • Concurrent user licensing allows as many users as necessary to have access to data and calendars

  • Built-in report generator

  • Built-in email client or integrate with Outlook

  • Uses Word for document management

  • Allows file attachment in any format

  • Supported worldwide by over 300 resellers

  • Security can be set to the field level and can be set at differing levels for different workgroups.

  • Data synchronization or web interface for remote workers
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Enterprise New Single User $399.00
Enterprise New or Additional Network User $399.00
Net Client (requires at least 1 Enterprise license) $399.00
Data Synch Remote User License $399.00
Prospect Module (turns web hits into TM records) $399.00
Auto Responder (flat price per system, not user) $699.00
Enterprise Single User Upgrade $199.00
Enterprise Network User Upgrade $199.00
Shipping, Handling & TaxesTBD

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Our Opinion:

TeleMagic is the best product in its price range if you have a need for:

  • 10 or more users
  • Large numbers of users but less than 100
  • Large numbers of records
  • Fields, screens and database to mirror your business practices
  • Tight data security or the ability limit access to certain users
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
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Best Software, the parent company of TeleMagic, ACT! by Sage and SalesLogix, discontinued support and development of this product as of January 1, 2004. The company is still selling the product through its reseller channel with the understanding that the resellers will provide support. TeleMagic version 5 is certified to work with Windows XP but not with any operating system after that.

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Downloads and Links

TeleMagic is the most flexible CRM tool that you can buy for under $400/user

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Add-on Products:
  • Need to expand TeleMagic's structure? Simplify searches or adding records? Push the limits with Hot Buttons
  • Want an easier way to group records? Find what you need using SDI's Dynamic Filters Quick Query
  • If you have customers, there are always questions to be answered. Handle them in the most professional manner possible with Resource Dynamics' TeleSupport Help Desk
  • Do you generate quotes and proposals? QuoteWerks
  • Want web access to your TeleMagic data? Access TeleMagic from anywhere in the world with TM's NetClient or TeleMagic Online
  • Want to automate your business processes or simplify activities for your sales force? Resource Dynamics' Sales Track or Vineyard's Knowledge Sync are the products for you.
  • Have you ever wished a professional would write the letters you need to help you sell more? OAC's Market Mentor will jump start your sales process.
Find out more about these great add-ons by contacting us at sales@ayerstechnology.com.

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