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What can Sage ACT! Connect help you do?

Get real-time, mobile access.

Sync your BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, and Android™ devices to Sage ACT! Connect for real-time, mobile access to your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar. Because Sage ACT! Connect uses your phone's built-in address book and calendar, you have access to contact details, your schedule, and more in the same familiar way you do today. Further, you can control how your data is updated between your device and Sage ACT! when you set your individual sync preferences, including one-way or two-way sync, plus timed or manual sync.

Be more effective while on the move.

Improve your ability to be productive from virtually anywhere, whether you're traveling or working from your home office. With Sage ACT! Connect, you can view, add, and edit Sage ACT! contact details, notes, history, meetings, and activities from the easy-to-use Sage ACT! Connect Cloud or website. Access this site from tablets, like the iPad®, and your laptop via Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Google Chrome™, and Safari®.

Always have the most updated details with you.

Access the very latest Sage ACT! details, no matter who on your team last edited a contact's phone number, added a note, or scheduled an activity, because Sage ACT! Connect includes workgroup sync. When working as a team, you can designate a single computer or server can sync on behalf of your entire workgroup so that updates can be received without each individual syncing on their computer.

Keep so much more than your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar.

Make Sage ACT! Connect your go-to for all things related to managing your relationships and schedule. Not only can you access your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar, you can import your Google® and Yahoo!® contacts into Sage ACT! Connect too. Even link Facebook® pictures to the contacts you keep, so it's that much easier to put a face to a name.

Rest-assured, your precious data is safe and secure.

Relax, your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar are safe and secure in the Cloud, because Sage ACT! Connect utilizes 128-bit encryption when syncing your data, plus provides secure, physical protection for unauthorized entry and catastrophic events.

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